The Stipulated Fine Program was established by the NYC Department of Finance in 2004. This Bloomberg-era program clearly demonstrates the City’s preferential treatment of larger commercial companies, over its own individual residents. Participants of this program are able to avoid high cost fines for some of the most egregious violations, while individual New Yorkers do not have such an option. Not only is this a revenue negative program for the City of New York, but it is also encouraging these truck drivers to continue to make these violations without a fear of serious penalizing implications.

We urge you to join our effort in putting a stop to this double-standard and restoring fairness in our parking violations system.


1.      The creation of the stipulated program was a deal between the Bloomberg administration and big business to provide reductions on parking violation fines without the need for a hearing.

2.      The most egregious violations ( ie. parking by fire hydrants, bus stops, no standing anytime signs, etc), which cannot be dismissed at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), have a reduction in the fine without a hearing.

3.      Some violations, like double parking and meter violations are immediately reduced to $0 even if the vehicle is not commercially engaged.

4.      The city is forfeiting huge amounts of revenue and allowing large companies like Verizon, UPS, FedEx, Time Warner Cable to violate the parking laws and pay less of a fine than John Doe Citizen.

5.      The New York City Department of Finance offered a similar program for individual citizens called the settlement program, which offered a reduced fine if the respondent agreed not to have a hearing.  The NYC DOF terminated that program because it gave away too much money to the citizens but retains the stipulated fine program for large companies.

6.      The stipulated program has lessened the effect of the parking ticket as a tool to keep the streets clear as there is less of a penalty for commercial vehicles parked illegally.

7.      The stipulated program has eliminated the need for companies to present a defense as to why the vehicle was illegally parked before any reduction of the fine is issued.  The City is not requiring the companies to hold the drivers accountable for their parking decisions.

8.      Commercial entities should be held accountable for illegally parked vehicles and they should be required to have a hearing before an ALJ in order to obtain a reduction or dismissal.